Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce
A Creamy Garlic Dipping sauce for pizza or wings
Servings Prep Time
4 5minutes
Servings Prep Time
4 5minutes
  1. Melt the butter, and allow it to cool a bit.
  2. Once the melted butter has cooled, stir in the garlic powder.
  3. Once mixed, stir in the mayonnaise and sour cream.
  4. Stir to combine, and serve along with pizza.
  5. Or wings, or whatever you feel needs some creamy garlic dipping sauce goodness added.
Recipe Notes

If you want it more garlicy, you can add another half teaspoon of garlic powder to the recipe. Also, if your garlic powder is not fresh, you may need to increase it to a full teaspoon or more. It really depends on how garlicky your garlic powder is, and how garlicy you want the sauce.

You can also substitute fresh garlic in this sauce, but I find the taste of the garlic powder works better in this sauce. Let me know what you think.