Ingredient: brown sugar substitute

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What do I mean when I list Brown sugar substitute?  That is a good question.

You may have noticed, but I tend not to use regular sugar (either white or brown) when I cook.  Even if I am not cooking for people following a keto diet, I don’t use regular sugar, I tend to use a sugar free substitute, such as sucralose.

There is a common brand name product that you probably would recognise, that is designed to replace sugar when cooking, and they make a brown sugar substitute as well.  As I am not sponsored by them, I will not mention the name.

They also make a “brown sugar” like product as well as the regular white sugar substitute.  The brown sugar one tends to be twice as sweet as regular brown sugar.  This is what I usually use. When I list this ingredient, I list the amount of the substitute, so you may have to adjust the amount if you do not have the double strength variant.

Some alternatives, if you do not have, or cannot find such a substitute, you can substitute white sugar, or sucralose.

For one cup of brown sugar, use one cup of white sugar (or sucralose) along with two tablespoons of molasses.