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Rub the beef

About Rub The Beef:

Rub The Beef was started as a way for me to store my own recipes.  It then transitioned in to an easy way for me to share with others, when asked.

As the name Rub The Beef may suggest, I cook a lot of beef.  The first recipe I published was for my Salt Free Beef Rub. I regularly smoke beef short ribs, and beef briskets.  As I salt these meats a day or two in advance, I needed a beef dry rub that didn’t contain a lot of salt.

Most of the recipes on this site will tend towards low-carb or keto (see here for a list) friendly diets.  I tend not to use sugar in my recipes. When a sweetener is required, I will often use a sugar alcohol based sweetener in its place.

About my recipes:

I notice that many recipes are either very complicated, overly simple, or skip too many steps.  Skipping steps ends up reducing the quality (taste, texture, or look) of the dish.  I try to find a compromise that doesn’t add unnecessary steps, but I try to not sacrifice the final dish’s quality too much.  If a step doubles the amount of work required, but only marginally makes the dish better, I may skip it, but if the result is a much better final product I won’t.

Feel free to use, share, or adapt these recipes in your own creations, and feel free to leave comments on any dishes you may like, or think can be improved.  Also, if the instructions and steps are unclear, please let me know.

Please explore my recipes, and let me know what you think.

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